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Pets Belongings

We encourage you to bring in toys, bedding, food etc. To make your pets stay as comfortable as possible. We cannot however guarantee that the belongings will be returned in the same condition as they were received, in addition we do not accept any responsibility for your belongings whilst they are with us.

We do not accept food bowls, bean bags or collars, leads, harnesses etc.

Delivery & Collection Times

If for whatever reason, collection is late, due to delayed plane times, etc. Please try to inform the kennels and wherever possible make provisions for your pet’s collection. We ask that you work with us and accept any extra charges this may incur. Charges will be in accordance with the kennel pricing at the time of boarding.

If for whatever reason your pet is not collected and you the owner have had no contact with the kennels to explain or extend the stay, your pet will be deemed as homeless after the 7th day after collection was initially due. You will subsequently be charged any additional boarding costs in addition to any costs involved with the re-homing of your pet.

Please try to abide by our check in and check out times. When we are able to be flexible, we will be, however it is not always possible and we thank you for your understanding in this matter.


All pets are exercised 4 times a day.

Pets can be either exercised individually or with other dogs of a similar nature. The latter option carries a risk, however every care will be taken when choosing which dogs to exercise with other dogs. If you choose this option, G.V.W. cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused, unless it was due to our negligence.

Pets can also be exercised on or off the lead. No responsibility will be taken for dogs that are to be exercised off the lead, that do not have suitable recall skills.

Leads & Collars

Here at GVW, we walk on our own rope slip leads, this enables staff to put on and take off leads with

the least fuss and invasion of the dog’s sensitive neck area.

We also ask for all collars belonging to your dogs to be removed for safety reasons.

If you wish either for your collars to be left on during your pets stay or for your own collar/leads to be used on their walks, then you will be asked to sign a form.

By signing this form you accept that GVW have no responsibly for any loss of belongings or any injuries caused to your pet by using/leaving these items on/with your pet.

Health Related Issues

If your pet is showing signs of illness or injury, we will show our commitment by calling a vet promptly for treatment. It will be the client's responsibility to settle the vets' bill upon their return. In the event of the illness/injury being a direct result of Glebe Von Wood Kennel’s, the bill will be the responsibility of the kennels to settle.

If in the event of your pet passing away during their stay with us, please confirm whether you would like a single or mass cremation. Please note the cost of cremation will be the responsibility of the owner and all bills forwarded to you directly from the crematorium.


Dogs must be accompanied by an up-to-date record of vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis etc. Initial vaccinations must have been completed at least 4 weeks prior to the 1st date of boarding unless a shorter time is approved by a vet.

As of October 2008 The Kennel Cough vaccination is a requirement.

You as an owner must take your pet to the vets to have their kennel cough vaccine administered. The vaccination needs to be done 14 days before your dog will be allowed onto site. If any dogs are coughing before their visit to us, we will not be able to take them for their stay. The incubation period for kennel cough can be 3 - 10 days before any symptoms show, therefore it is possible for both yourselves and ourselves to check dogs in that may already have the virus. We will keep you informed of any outbreaks of kennel cough and ask that if you think your pet may have contracted kennel cough, to contact us immediately. We are not responsible for any dogs contracting kennel cough.

Confirmation of recent broad spectrum de-worming & de-flea for dogs that will have access to a communal exercise area must be provided by owners. If your pet is found to have either fleas or worms whilst in the kennels will make a charge for each service.


Glebe Von Wood staff (GVW) are happy to administer any medication that you require your pet to have whilst staying with us. We will administer medications as detailed by either yourself or the vet. All medications (if more than 1 medication) must come in a daily pill dispensing box.

GVW staff are not however veterinary qualified and therefore will accept no liability regarding administering of medications.

GVW staff are not on duty from 7/8pm – 6/7am, depending on the season.

We are not able to make out of hours checks on any dogs within our care.

Dogs from the same Home

By not asking to have your dogs kennelled separately you have agreed to take on all responsibility if any injuries occur from your dog’s sharing the same kennel. Your ‘Stay Details’ sheet will determine if you have asked for separate kennels.

Charges & Bookings Policy 15.03.20.

Provisional bookings may be made; however, kennel systems will only be fully allocated on receipt the deposit requested.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Stays of 7 x 24hrs or less, will be charged in full to secure the space.

Full & final payment for the stay is required prior to 1 months of the stay taking place to secure the booking.

Any bookings made that have not been paid in full by 1 months will no longer be secured.

Deposits can be transferred in full if cancelled at least 2 months prior to the stay, less a £25 administration charge.

Transfer of deposits can only be made once and must be taken within 6 months of the original stay dates.

No reduced pricing is offered for boarders being collected early.

No monies refunded at all if cancelling within 2 months of the stay.

By agreeing to leave you pet/s with us you adhere to all the above points.

The staff are instructed not to accept any dog that does not have up to date records available.

Many thanks once again for choosing our kennels and we look forward to meeting with you.

Yours sincerely

Andrea Wood

PS. You will find us right at the end of Green Lane. We would appreciate your co-operation in acknowledging that many people use the lane to walk their dogs along and would therefore ask you politely to please not exceed 30pmh.

On arrival at the farm, please park outside the farm, using the parking bays provided.

A member of staff will let you know when to drive in and what to do next.

Do not open the gates open, as we exercise some dogs off the lead.

Thank you.

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