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Dogs & Pups Available

From time to time some owners need to re-home their pets, for many reasons.

We offer a service here at the farm, that enables your pet to stay with us on a special boarding rate, until such time as a new pet home is found with a suitable home.

In addition we look for good homes for our GSD females to go to at about 4/5 years old.

Please call me if you are interested in re-homing one of our dogs in the future.

The Dogs displayed on this page are available and ready for new homes.

We look forward to your call.

Kind regards,

Andrea Wood - 07970 104756




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Inbreeding Coefficient

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Athena is sister to T’Challa.

She is extremely elegant, happy, kind and very sociable.

Athena has the most beautiful coat, at first glance solid black but in fact it is a mixture of bi-colour and seal… never been to great on colours but this is my guess.

She has a wonderful light charm about her, especially when in the fields chasing butterflies and in general exploring her surroundings. Her gait and elegance just ‘float on by’

When Athena is old enough to have pups, my choice would probably be Captain, Captain will complement Athena’s charm in many ways in addition to being n/n for DM, against Athena’s n/dm.

Moving on….

Athena has had 3 very beautiful litters and has proven to be the very best of mums in her rearing and capability. She is strong and athletic with a long, sleek black/seal coat that often eludes the true beauty on a photograph.

Athena is very lovely and very loyal, she will turn on a coin for you and her re-call is impeccable. Always loves a ball, her playmates and a good fuss and a carrot. Athena is very easy to please and very easy to love.

Athena also does not like all dogs, but is responsive and very open to correction, so a strong minded handler is always a must.
We will look to find a retirement home for Athena. This home will need to have confident family members as Athena, who are as
loving as they are firm. Athena is very intuitive.

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