The Boys

The German Shepherd has been for many years the ultimate companion. He is athletic, strong, alert, assertive, affectionate, loyal and obedient.

Here are our stud dogs they are available to stud at the cost of £1000. If you wish to discuss this further please contact Andrea on 01530 813145 or 07970 104756

Please note:
We advise all clients that females must be in their 3rd season at least for mating with our boys.

We require that all females that wish to mate with any of our males are Hip Scored with acceptable results,
nothing higher than 19. Ideally Elbow Scored - nothing higher than 1
Dm Tested - only n/Dm and n/n

Your Female results will determine the suitability for breeding and passing on good characteristics. Usual annual boosters, regular de-fleaing and de-worming should be done as a matter of routine before coming onto the premises.

We will require a copy of your females 5 Generation Pedigree and will take a look at the In-Breed Co-efficiency of the proposed litter, to ensure we are both looking to produce healthy pups.

We like to take the females on their 10th day of the season and ask that you leave them with us for 7 days, so that mating can be slow and gradual. Your female will be exercised 3 times a day usually with the chosen male and when the time is right we will place them into a quiet area for mating to take place.
Please note 'WE DO NOT FORCE MATE'

In addition you may also bring your female to meet our boy and mate, whilst you wait - the choice is yours.

Breeding Guidelines

Females to be checked in on their 10th day of the season
Females to stay for 7 nights
Total amount £1000 if female ties with male
£18 per 24 hours stay if no tie takes place
Additional days at £18 per 24 hours stay

If females has not taken even though a tie has taken place, female can come again for mating but a charge of £18 per 24 hour stay will be incurred.

All females must

Be up to date with current vaccinations

Be at least 2 years of age and not over 6 years of age

Be hip and elbow scored with good results and one which complements the male

Be DM tested at most DM/n and again a result which complements the male

Be DNA profiled

Have a low Inbreed co-efficient and be bred from low Inbreed co-efficient parents

DM Testing Abbreviations

n/n = Clear: Dog is negative for the Degenerative Myelopathy mutation.

DM/DM = At Risk: Dog is likely to be affected by Degenerative Myelopathy, and will always pass on a copy of the mutation to any offspring.

n/DM = Carrier: Dog carries one copy of the mutation associated with Degenerative Myelopathy, and could pass on the mutation to any offspring.


D.O.B                                  13.05.2012.

Colour                                 Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           5/6

Elbow                                 0/0

Dam                                    Sky

Sire                                     Weller

Inbreeding Coefficient     1.1%

Haemophilia                      Tested Normal

DM Testing                        n/n

Height to Shoulder           27"

Ryder is Exceptional !!!
By far the biggest pup I have ever produced. At 13 weeks he was weighing in at 14kg. A very well proportioned young man and totally stunning.
Ryder is funny and charismatic young man, he has the most incredible coat he already had a big fluffy mane. Ryder is a very playful boy and he is a very confident boy.
Ryder has to date produced, Cream Sable, Solid Blue and Blue Sable pups


D.O.B.                                 24.03.2013.
Colour                                 Dark Sable
Coat                                    Standard
Hip Score                           4/7
Elbow                                 0/0
Dam                                   External Dog
Sire                                     External Dog
Inbreeding Coefficient     0%
Haemophilia                      Tested Normal
DM Testing                        n/DM
Height to Shoulder           27”

Stone & Isla are from the same litter. They are both bred from strong obedient working lines. They are an absolute pleasure and a great reflection of a great breeder. Thank you John.

Stone is keen, loyal, striking and has an absolutely loving nature.


D.O.B.                                 03.12.2013.

Colour                                 Liver Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           7/4

Elbow Score                       0/0

Dam                                    Roma

Sire                                     Vito

Inbreeding Coefficient     0.4%

DM Testing                        n/n

Haemophilia                      Tested Clear

Height to Shoulder           27"

Wow!!!!!! As expected this young man has ticked all the boxes.

He is charming, handsome, well-structured inside and out. He is a dream with other dogs.

He’s a real credit to his parents and to GVW.

Flint Jr.

D.O.B                                  23.09.12.

Colour                                Blue Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           4/4

Elbow Score                      0/0

Dam                                   Retta

Sire                                    Flint

Inbreeding Coefficient    2.9%   

DM Tested                         n/DM

                                           Only available to n/n females

What a handsome beast this boy is. Very loving and lively. Definitely a lover not a fighter!!!!