The Boys

The German Shepherd has been for many years the ultimate companion. He is athletic, strong, alert, assertive, affectionate, loyal and obedient.

Our boys are no longer available at public stud.

We are however looking to make good relationships with other quality breeders here in the UK and around the world, so if you think our breeding programmes may compliment each others, then do get in touch.

DM Testing Abbreviations

n/n = Clear: Dog is negative for the Degenerative Myelopathy mutation.

DM/DM = At Risk: Dog is likely to be affected by Degenerative Myelopathy, and will always pass on a copy of the mutation to any offspring.

n/DM = Carrier: Dog carries one copy of the mutation associated with Degenerative Myelopathy, and could pass on the mutation to any offspring.


D.O.B.                                 24.03.2013.
Colour                                 Dark Sable
Coat                                    Standard
Hip Score                           4/7
Elbow                                 0/0
Dam                                   External Dog
Sire                                     External Dog
Inbreeding Coefficient     0%
Haemophilia                      Tested Normal
DM Testing                        n/DM
Height to Shoulder           27”

I had Stone & Isla from the same litter. 
They are both bred from strong obedient working lines. They are an absolute pleasure and a great reflection of a great breeder. 
Thank you John.

Stone is keen, loyal, striking and has an absolutely loving nature.


Otherwise known as “my Boy”

Again, from John smith at Limasmyth GSD.

This boy ticks every single box on that plate; sadly however he is a N/DM otherwise he could and I would put him to every single one of my girls.

Many have visited and have been adamant that a long coat GSD what they want… They then meet Stone and fell in love.

We all have our preferences whether that is on coat length or colour and we should never compromise, however most importantly never compromise on coat, colour or size over a well bred and well natured dog.

Stone has continuously produced well balanced, intelligent, friendly pups.

This dark sable deep coat and wide head makes him look like a beast but oh my, he’s just perfection. 

He went to stay with my friend who has a young family for mating with their girl and they didn’t want to bring him back he’s just that good, great and magnificent.

It has been important for me to raise a male from Stone, that is n/n and that boy is Captain.

Chillie - Now Retired but the sire/relative to many of our dogs.

D.O.B.                                 03.12.2013.

Colour                                 Liver Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           7/4

Elbow Score                       0/0

Dam                                    Roma

Sire                                     Vito

Inbreeding Coefficient     0.4%

DM Testing                        n/n

Haemophilia                      Tested Clear

Height to Shoulder           27"

Wow!!!!!! As expected this young man has ticked all the boxes.

He is charming, handsome, well-structured inside and out. He is a dream with other dogs.

He’s a real credit to his parents and to GVW.


Chillie has been an exceptionally important part in our breeding programme.

Laid back attitude and clear beauty has been passed down to him from his parents Roma & Vito as well as his own pups & hopefully in turn onto the generations to come.

Chillie is 2nd generation for me. Chillie was an only child!!

First born of Roma & Vito a gorgeous liver sable that we have tried to protect in terms of where his lines go.

Chillie initially semi-retired and lives with a very loving family, very close to us.

Chillie has now been neutered.


DOB                                     07.09.18.

Colour                                 Black & Tan Bi Colour

Coat                                     Short

Hip Score                            3/5

Elbow Score                        0/0

Dam                                     Rosie

Sire                                      Stone

Inbreeding Coefficient      0%

DM Testing                         Clear n/n

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his daddy, Stone


Sleek, elegant, powerful, glossy, handsome, strong.

Captains powerfully dramatic coat contrasts really do make him a “show stopper”, but it’s not just his looks, he truly is just perfection

Son of Stone & Rosie, Captain is the most wonderfully natured boy, even happy to raise Lulu & Nancy… now that’s truly exceptional

Rosie, Captains mum had two litters and is now retired.

Rosie was daughter of Roma & Vito & full sister to Chillie, making Captain third generation GVW GSD


D.O.B.                                   27.09.18

Colour                                  Sable

Coat                                      Long

Hip Score                             6/6

Elbow Score                         0/0

Dam                                      Not GVW

Sire                                       Not GVW

Inbreeding Coefficient        0%

DM Testing                          Clear n/n


Mr T, is full litter brother to Athena & Widow.

Bred by the wonderful Fiona at the Balruggen GSD in Scotland.

T’Challa was an important purchase for GVW, and the integration of his new blood line, which as always is key to keeping future generations as healthy as possible.

Mr T, is already proving himself a stud and is a driven boy both at play and work!!!

His wonderfully thick, sleek sable coat, and strong head, really does make him the most beautiful of boy’s.

T’Challa thrives on clear instruction, not because he is aggressive but because he is cheeky and will for sure take a mile if given an inch. He thrives on physical and mental exercise. I’m hoping coupled with our calm girls, this will produce beautifully balanced pups.