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Checking In Procedure

Please allow enough time for your journey to arrive on time.


Please park outside the farm in one of the parking bays available and wait until a

member of staff comes over to you.


The member of staff will ask you to pop one of our slip leads onto your pet and remove

all any other collars, leads, harnesses etc.


Please do not block our entrance.


Please note that on arrival, you will need to bring with you any other personal items
you wish your pet to have during their stay, to include food, toys, treats, bedding, if

you so wish.

We cannot guarantee that your belongings are returned in the same condition!!!! – but

we will try.

In fact, we wash all your items ready for your collection.


We will take from you as much information about your pet to ensure they have as

comfortable a stay as possible.


We need to be made aware of any needs your pet may have, any medical conditions or
medication, whether they have a tendency not to like certain types of people/noises


In addition, we will provide your dog with;


•Staff to look after them that like dogs!!! And have a cheerful and relaxed attitude, to
make your pet feel at ease.

•Social contact and interaction with staff daily, who will play with and stimulate them
physically and mentally.

•An understanding of each dog and choose carefully where different dogs are placed,
according to their needs and temperament.

•Provide round the clock stimulating music for them to relax to.
•Ensure correct ventilation & temperature.

•Encourage you to bring comfort items from home to help your pet feel at ease by a
familiar smell of home.

•End of stay wash service available for all bedding.

•A clean environment for them to sleep and exercise in, to minimise any stress.
•Four walks per day.


Please Note: If you are bringing your own food it will need to be in a sealed container.


With your help we can make your pets stay with us as comfortable as possible, and
hope that you will both choose to use the facilities again and again.

Can You Please Ensure Your Dogs Are Kept Inside Your Vehicle

Until Collected By A Member Of Staff.

Thank You

By boarding your pet with us you will have agreed to our Terms & Conditions as detailed on our


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