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Shadow, daughter of Hope is training to be an A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability) Dog

I just wanted to let you know how Shadow's getting on.

She settled very quickly and easily into our home life and we saw very early on that we'd chosen the right name for her as wherever we go in the house or garden, Shadow goes too! She's got a beautiful temperament and is lovely to have around. None of us can imagine life without her and she is loved very much.

We contacted Dog AID when Shadow was around 4 months old and the head instructor came out to assess her suitability. She couldn't believe how calm she was, and how much she could already do. My friend with the assistance dog had been round a few times and helped us get started, so pretty much from the day we brought her home she'd been getting used to the clicker & learning new skills.

As soon as she turned 5 months old we were able to start the classes, Shadow was by far the youngest, with all of the other dogs having been on the course for a few weeks, and all well over a year old. On the course with us is a Collie, a Whippet & a Cava-Poo (in my world that's a mongrel, but hey-ho...)

Shadow was obviously quite a long way behind the others, and she found the classes quite hard at first, tending to get over excited, start barking & wonder why she couldn't go and play. But over the weeks she's really settled down. At class she can walk the obstacle course almost perfectly & is intent on the commands she is given - particularly when there's a bit of sausage involved!

At home we've been doing all sorts, her newest skills are putting things 'in'. So she'll pick up the pegs i drop when i hang the washing, and put them in the peg bag, or put the socks into the washbasket. She's able to drag the washbasket through the house since i tied a rope to it, although we do end up with half the clothes tipped on the floor... still, it's early days yet, and it just means she earns more sausage putting it all back in the basket!

Today we've started her putting things into the washing machine, and fetching them out into the washbasket. I'm really starting to see how she'll make a difference in my life already, she's so helpful & desperately keen to please us. In fact sometimes she'll fetch something to us so that we can start soem training with her, almost like she's saying 'come on, it's time for us to do some work now!'

We know we've made the perfect decision choosing Shadow, & you as the breeder.

We can't go anywhere without being stopped and told what a beautiful dog she is. She is a credit to you.

For further information on A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability) Dogs please use this link.

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