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Buying A Puppy

Thinking of buying a puppy? Make sure you know where your puppy comes from!

Buying a puppy is not as easy as it seems. Not all breeders and puppy sellers are reputable. Puppy farming/trafficking takes place all over the country. It is where puppies are bred in large numbers for profit, with little or no regards for the puppies welfare.

  • Always see a puppy with its mother - You should always see the puppy's mother in the place where the puppy was bred. You should try to see the father too, if this is not an option ask to see a photo. If you can not see either of the parents be suspicious and think twice.

  • Always see a puppy where it was bred - Never allow someone to deliver a puppy to you or meet you somewhere. You need to see where the puppy was bred and born.​

  • Learn about the puppy's background - Ask lots of questions and find out where the puppy has come from. Be aware of breeders outside of the country.

  • Check to see if the puppy has really been vaccinated - If you have been told the puppy has been vaccinated, check the vaccination card. The card should contain veterinary practice details where the puppy was vaccinated. Be suspicious of veterinary details outside of the country, vaccination cards are easy to fake.

  • Pedigree certificates are not a guarantee - Be aware....certificates are easy to fake. Pedigree certificates belonging to another puppy can be given. Would you know that it's not your puppy's certificate? Pedigree certificates are not a guarantee for the health and condition of your puppy.

  • Choosing a puppy - All puppies are cute and cuddly but is it the right puppy for you. The puppy should be at least 8 weeks old. Good breeders will have had the first vaccination done, check the vaccination card. The puppy should/must have had a vet check to approve its health, if not ask for a vet check as part of the conditions of sale of your puppy. Check the puppy yourself. The puppy should be a good weight but not pot bellied (this could be a sign of worms). The puppy should not have runny eyes, cough or a runny nose. The puppy’s teeth should be clean and white, the gums pink. The puppy’s bottom should be clean and not sore. For more advice on puppy health checks contact your local veterinary practice. 

  • Before you take your puppy home - Make sure you know its dietary requirements. What has it been fed on? Amount of feed it has been fed? A good breeder will give you some feed to take home with the puppy, maybe even a puppy pack!

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