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Exercising for our boarding guests.


All dogs on site have 4 lots of exercise a day.


Our exercise areas consist of:
The fields with 4ft high fencing
The ménage with 5ft high fencing
Smaller exercise areas with 6ft high fencing


You can decide if you would like your dog:

Walked alone & on lead.
Walked alone & off lead.

Walked off lead in small groups of suitably natured dogs.


All dogs will have at least 1 hour out during the day, often longer

depending on the weather.


All dogs will have time out with a handler, to play and interact with them.


All dogs will be sleepy outside of playtimes, that’s why exercise here is so


Some dogs will have the opportunity to exercise up through the fields.


This will depend on how often your pet comes to stay and their re-call.


It’s great to see dogs at play with other dogs off lead.


We understand not all dogs are able to do this, when this is the case, we
will ensure a safe environment for exercise to take place.


We understand our relationship not only with your pet, but yourself must

grow so that trust can be established.
We will always give 100% honest feedback.

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