Kennel Cough Policy

How big a problem is kennel cough?

Approx. 65,000 cases seen by vets in Britain last year
Persistent dry, ‘honking’ cough
Can last for weeks
Affects dogs of all ages
Highly contagious
Serious cases may result in pneumonia
May prove fatal in susceptible individuals – ie. Very old, very young or ill dogs.

Is your dog at risk? YES!

Optimum protection is not normally provided by routine annual vaccinations

Kennel cough is easily transmitted between dogs
A recent survey suggests that less than half of all outbreaks arise in kennels.

Kennel cough can be caught:

In the park
At dog shows
At training classes
From the dog next door

In fact anywhere that dogs meet…….as well as in boarding kennels!
Kennel cough is an airborne virus and therefore direct contact is not needed to contract the virus.

Can I treat or prevent it?

By the time the cough starts, the damage is done
The incubation period is anything from 3-10 days, during which time no symptoms are evident
Antibiotics often have limited impact
Routine vaccines do not normally provide optimum protection: Prevention is better than cure: specific vaccines are available
Ask your vet for more information

We use Chine house Vets in Sileby who charge £23.30
Our usual vet is Martin Rudkin
01509 812446

Our ‘Kennel Cough Policy’ Here

All dogs coming onto site must have had their kennel cough vaccination at least 14 days before coming onto site

We ask that you do not allow your dog out of the vehicle or bring your dog into the reception area until we are able to check that they are up to date with all vaccinations. The policy also limits any issues within the reception area.
We will not check in any dog that appears to have the symptoms of kennel cough and ask that you respect our decision and apologise in advance if we may need to refuse admission.

How we Manage Kennel Cough Here

We abide by the above ‘kennel cough policy’
We will segregate and medicate any dogs we feel may have kennel cough whilst with us
We use a product called ‘Parvo Verucide’
We use this by spraying all areas of the kennels both am and pm
We use this within all of our mop buckets
We clean all kennels out with this twice a day and at the end of a stay
We use this product on all of our surfaces
In fact we use this product for everything!!!!!

We ask all customers to notify us of any cases of kennel cough on leaving the kennels.


If a dog is not showing symptoms of the kennel cough, neither you nor our staff will be able to know that a dog either checking in or checking out has the virus until the symptoms appear.
We do not ‘blame’ customers and ask for the same in return.