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Day Creche

As well as offering overnight stays and stays for longer periods of time, we

also offer a Day Creche service.

Monday – Friday

We offer 3 walks a day

These can be in small, supervised groups or if needs be alone with a
member of staff, we appreciate all dogs are quite different and have vastly

different needs.

We successfully look after most dogs that come to visit; however, we are
unable to look after dogs that are aggressive towards our staff.

We have plenty of field space for dogs with good re-call to be able to

stretch their legs, again and again.

We have a 40x20m sand-based ménage, with balls and jumps and tubes

for dogs to have fun amongst.

We have smaller enclosed areas where we can work on dogs’ re-call
and/or simply for dogs to spend extra time out in the fresh air before their

planned exercise session.

We also have a stable yard, where some dogs like to help tidy the stables
up and one stable is left full of fresh straw, that the dogs love to bury

themselves in and search for balls.

Most importantly we have great employed staff to look after your pets.
All walking takes place on our own property, so we never a need to

interact with dogs or people outside of the farm.

Unlike our longer boarding guests, trial stays of 36hrs are not required, as
we can get an exceptionally good feel of your pet and their nature during

the day creche stay.

We try to be as competitive as possible with our prices, whilst at the same
time, trying to hand over a tired pooch at the end of the day for you to

collect….that after all is what we are here for!

Outside of exercise and fresh airtime, each dog has their own kennel
system with fresh water and their belongings to help them feel
comfortable. They need not share their toys or treats with anyone else and
can chill at their leisure……and let’s face it a well exercised dog, is a calm,

happy dog.

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