Day Crèche Rates as of September 1st 2018



Drop off/Collections 7-7.30am & 5-6.30pm

Available Monday – Friday only


Any stay of less than 2 days/48 hours will incur an additional £5.00 charge per kennel


All Day Crèche boarders will still receive the greater discount for a weekly usage.

Please see below structure for Day Crèche.

 1 Day Crèche = £18.00 + £5.00   

2 Day Crèche = £32.40 (10% discount)

3 Day Crèche = £43.20 (20% discount)

4 Day Crèche = £50.40 (30% discount)

5 Day Crèche = £63.00 (30% discount)



Day Crèche Boarding Rate

Payable in full in advance


Single Dog            £18.00


Double Dog          £28.80

(20% discount if sharing same kennel system)


Triple Dog            £37.80

(30% discount if sharing same kennel system)



For customers wishing to use the crèche service several times a week

The following rates will apply

                       2 Days 10% Discount       3 Days 20% Discount       4 Days 30% Discount      5 Days 30% Discount



 Single Dog                £32.40                                £43.20                                £50.40                                £63.00


Double Dog               £51.84                                 £69.12                               £80.64                                £100.80

        (Prices are for dogs sharing the same kennel system)


  Triple Dog                £68.04                                £90.72                                £105.84                             £132.30

       (Prices are for dogs sharing the same kennel system)

Here is some feedback from some of the customers that use the service

Our four year old Labradoodle, Chester, has been using the Glebe Von Wood day crèche service for around 2 or 3 days a week since he was a young puppy.
He absolutely loves it and his excitement starts at the bottom of Green Lane when he knows he is going to spend the day with his friends, both doggy and human. This fits in perfectly with our schedule as we can drop Chester off on the way to work at around 8.00am and can pick him up on our way home at around 5.00pm.
The kennels are clean and secure and it gives us peace of mind that Chester will be safe, fed and looked after during the day. He clearly gets loads of exercise, as when we get him home he usually is too tired to do anything, other than sleep.

Another benefit of the day crèche service is that when he have to kennel Chester for holiday periods, we have no worries at all as we know he is in familiar surroundings and he knows the routine and Andrea and the other staff that look after him so well.

So, if you do choose to use the Glebe Von Wood day crèche service, ask for you and your pooch to be introduced to Chester. He'll let you know where the doggy treats are hidden. Shhh!
Colin & Julie
I have been using Glebe Von Wood day crèche for last 2 years for my previous dog Milo and now for my dog Liffy who has been coming since she was 3 months old. Liffy is a Schnauzer X.
It works so well for me because I work full time and I don’t like leaving Liffy for long periods of time on her own at home.
I can drop Liffy off from 07.00 in the morning and pick her up in the evening before 18.45, safe in the knowledge that Andrea and her staff will look after Liffy as I would at home.
Liffy has clean and safe environment to sleep in, gets regular walks and exercise in the ménage or in the vast open spaces available at the farm, interaction and play with other dogs and provided with 2 healthy and balanced meals a day with fresh water always available.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Day crèche at Glebe Von Wood, If Liffy is happy then I’m happy.
Molly has been attending day crèche for over 18 months now at least one day a week.
She loves it there and is treated very well. All the staff are friendly helpful and clearly dog lovers!
The day crèche facility enables Molly to have fulfilling days instead of being "home alone".
The drop off and collection times are convenient and the facilities are always clean.

Mel Walker


Our two German Shepherds – Ruby and Inca – love the doggy day care at Glebe Farm. They are waiting by the front door ready to go each morning, and race in the gates when they get there.
They go every day in term time, and it is so reassuring to know they are not home bored, but enjoying their day with all their dog and human friends on the farm.
The staff are wonderful with them, and they come home worn out after a busy day. We would definitely recommend it to any dog owners.

Philip and Rhonda Dean


I have been using GVW Day Creche for the past 2 months and find the service there to be great. I work just up the road and GVW have been very accomdating of my working situation.

More importantly Colin (my Labrador), seems to really enjoy his time there and no longer has to endure the boredom of being at home alone.
He is a happier dog, enjoys the stimulation of socialising with other dogs and always comes home with me at the end of the day tired and satisfied.

Now that Colin is at GVW, he gets the freedom and exercise that every dog deserves and I feel so much more relaxed knowing he is being looked after well and no longer panicking about getting home to find holes in my walls caused by his boredom.

I will definately be using GVW for the foreseeable future.



Echo and Shadow ages 2 and 4 take advantage of the day crèche facilities and thoroughly enjoy their time. This will be the 3rd year that I have used this service.

With working full time and long hours at times, it gives me peace of mind and takes the guilt away to know they are in experienced and safe hands.
They both like to play as well as explore so having regular access to the fields for exercise means they stay fit and content.

They have a very good relationship with the kennel staff and can't wait to leap out of the car in the mornings on their arrival. This contact also means they do not have any stress  staying when I go on holiday as they are used to the surroundings and daily routine.
They are definitely happy and healthy pets.

This photograph is a typical morning when they wait in the car for me to get a move on to take them to the farm!


Daisy's been to the day creche every week since she was about six months. She's very well looked after and the kennels are always clean.

I drop her off on the way to work & know that when I collect her she'll have been fed & had her walks & she's always tired, which is great!

She's also had a few over night stays & because she knows the place & everyone there I don't have to worry about leaving her.