We now Hip & Elbow Score our up and coming youngsters at 12 months old,

in addition to Hemophilia testing all of our boys.

DM Testing Abbreviations

n/n = Clear: Dog is negative for the Degenerative Myelopathy mutation.

DM/DM = At Risk: Dog is likely to be affected by Degenerative Myelopathy, and will always pass on a copy of the mutation to any offspring.

n/DM = Carrier: Dog carries one copy of the mutation associated with Degenerative Myelopathy, and could pass on the mutation to any offspring.


D.O.B.                                  27.09.18

Coat                                     Long

Hip Score                             5/4

Elbow Score                        0/0

Dam                                     Not GVW

Sire                                      Not GVW

Inbreeding Coefficient       0%

DM Testing                          Clear n/DM

Athena is sister to T’Challa.

She is extremely elegant, happy, kind and very sociable.

Athena has the most beautiful coat, at first glance solid black but in fact it is a mixture of bi-colour and seal… never been to great on colours but this is my guess.

She has a wonderful light charm about her, especially when in the fields chasing butterflies and in general exploring her surroundings. Her gait and elegance just ‘float on by’

When Athena is old enough to have pups, my choice would probably be Captain, Captain will complement Athena’s charm in many ways in addition to being n/n for DM, against Athena’s n/dm.


DOB                                     23.12.2018.

Colour                                 Cream Sable

Coat                                     Long

Hip Score                            5/6

Elbow Score                       0/0

Dam                                     Minx

Sire                                      Chillie

Inbreeding Coefficient      1%

DM Testing                         n/n

Always from a pup has been no trouble, Queenie is kind and affectionate.

She is a huge girl even at her current age of 12 months, very tall, long and rangy.

Queenie is a very good mix of her mum and dad (Minx & Chillie).

She plays out with many different boarders and is out and about in a group of 4 to 8 of out dogs, very sociable, but not a pushover.

Queenie has been raised by her mum Minx and the 2 seem to get on just fine.

In time I will look to maybe find her a new buddy, but foe now all seems just perfect.

Queenie is 4th generation for me

Queenie ……..is the

Daughter of Minx & Chillie

Granddaughter of Zen & Ryder

Great granddaughter of Layla & Tiger & Weller & Sky


DOB                                    25.02.19.

Colour                                Cream Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           TBC

Elbow Score                      TBC

Dam                                   Grace

Sire                                    Chillie

Inbreeding Coefficient    1%

DM Testing                       TBC

One of 2 sisters, Ava and Munroe.

Calm, kind, gracious………….


DOB                                    25.02.19.

Colour                                Cream Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           TBC

Elbow Score                      TBC

Dam                                   Grace

Sire                                    Chillie

Inbreeding Coefficient    1%

DM Testing                       TBC

A truly beautiful dark silver sable girl.

Very, very happy and easy to please.

Ava is being raised by her mother, both a little bossy around food, but very manageable.

Ava is 4th generation for me: -

Daughter of Chillie & Grace

Granddaughter of Kenya & Ryder

Great granddaughter of Layla & Tiger

She has an older brother over in the states who is doing well in the showing circle. I think Ava will fit in just nicely here, she is alert and loves playing out with our young sister, which shows me she has a great nature.

In time this little lady will go to either T’Challa or one of our new boys, that will be coming over to us early 2020 from Katlyn of Bellevue GSD over in the states.