The Girls

We are now no longer part of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme. We removed ourselves from their listings. We were disappointed that at no point, not one person from the Kennel Club either contacted us by phone or came to view the conditions in which we look after our dogs.

Our cheque was cashed within 2 weeks and our Certificate of being an Accredited Breeder was issued?

Not much of a standard really!!!

You may still however find more information about the scheme can be found HERE.

DM Testing Abbreviations

n/n = Clear: Dog is negative for the Degenerative Myelopathy mutation.

DM/DM = At Risk: Dog is likely to be affected by Degenerative Myelopathy, and will always pass on a copy of the mutation to any offspring.

n/DM = Carrier: Dog carries one copy of the mutation associated with Degenerative Myelopathy, and could pass on the mutation to any offspring, if not bred to a n/n partner.


D.O.B                                  11.04.15.
Colour                                 Silver Sable
Coat                                    Long
Hip Score                           6/5
Elbow Score                       0/0
Dam                                    Kenya
Sire                                     Ryder
Inbreeding Coefficient     1%
DM Tested                         n/DM

1st Litter                           25.06.17.
Sire                                    Chillie

2nd Litter                         25.02.19.
Sire                                    Chillie

A beautiful girl, very much like mum.  


D.O.B.                                 05.10.15.
Colour                                Silver Sable
Coat                                    Long
Hip Score                           5/7
Elbow Score                      0/0
Dam                                    None of our dogs
Sire                                     Ryder
Inbreeding Coefficient     1.2%
DM Tested                         n/DM

1st Litter                           20.12.17
Sire                                    Chillie

2nd litter                           10.09.19.
Sire                                    Chillie


D.O.B.                                 20.10.15.
Colour                                Dark Sable
Coat                                    Long
Hip Score                            5/6
Elbow Score                       0/0
Dam                                    Sapphire
Sire                                     Cooper
Inbreeding Coefficient     0.2%
DM Tested                          n/n

1st Litter                            29.10.17.
Sire                                     Ryder

2nd litter                            15.05.19.
Sire                                    Chillie


D.O.B.                                15.01.16.

Colour                               Blue & Tan

Coat                                   Long

Hip Score                          5/5

Elbow Score                      0/1

Dam                                   Winter

Sire                                    Ryder

Inbreeding Coefficient     1.5%

DM Tested                         n/DM

1st Litter                           04.09.18.
Sire                                    Dakota

2nd Litter                          06.02.20.
Sire                                    T'Challa


D.O.B.                                10.02.16.

Colour                               Black

Coat                                   Long

Hip Score                          2/3

Elbow Score                      0/0

Dam                                   Hope

Sire                                    Cooper

Inbreeding Coefficient     0.2%

DM Tested                         n/DM

1st Litter                           05.02.18.
Sire                                    Chillie

An exceptionally bright, well natured and alert girl.

3rd generation GVW:

Daughter of Hope & Cooper

Granddaughter of Sooner & Tiger

Teddy’s drive certainly shines through from her father Cooper, who was from Lymasmyth Kennels, who have produced many front line working dogs.

Teddy, still loves her mum Hope and enjoys spending time with Hope when they are together.

Dahlia is Teddy’s daughter, however mother and daughter are not on the friendliest of terms!!

Teddy has the ideal coat length in my opinion, long coated but so sleek and manageable

Teddy is a keen favourite when we have visitors and is always happy to greet our guests at reception.


D.O.B                                 14.04.2017

Colour                                Silver Sable

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                           15/7

Elbow Score                       0/0

Dam                                    Zen

Sire                                     Ryder

Inbreeding Coefficient     1%

DM Tested                          n/DM

1st Litter                            23.12.18.
Sire                                     Chillie

2nd Litter                          23.02.20.
Sire                                    Captain

Daddies girl, just like her sister Juno


D.O.B                                  05.02.18.

Colour                                 Black

Coat                                    Long

Hip Score                            3/3

Elbow Score                       0/0

Dam                                    Teddy

Sire                                     Chillie

Inbreeding Coefficient     0%

DM Testing                         n/n

1st Litter                            21.04.20.
Sire                                    T'Challa

Dahlia, has like her mum Teddy, the very best of coats. Although she looks black she has brown running through her coat and up her front and rear legs…. Very difficult to see if not looking closely.

Dahlia is a happy, alert girl, who sits without hesitation when asked. She is kind and calm, but is happy to take charge when needed.

Dahlia is 4th generation GVW.

Daughter of Teddy & Chillie

Granddaughter of Hope & Cooper

Great Granddaughter of Sooner & Tiger

Dahlia has proven herself emotionally and physically to be perfection


D.O.B                                  21.06.18.

Colour                                 Sable

Coat                                    Short

Hip Score                            6/6

Elbow Score                       0/0

Dam Not                             GVW

Sire Not                              GVW

Inbreeding Coefficient      0%

DM Testing                         n/n

This young lady is another superb girl from the Limasmyth Kennels. Ash came to us as an 8-month-old. WoW…. powerful, pride, beauty, affectionate. Ash really is a beauty but often gets overlooked because she is short coated.

The benefit of short coated dogs,

- Easy to groom at home

- Easy to keep clean

- Less grooming charges

- Quick to dry

- Elegant

Ash is a substantial size with all her power and glory on full display. She plays out with boarding clients and some of our dogs.

She does however like her own space and so is kennelled alone. Not how I like to keep my dogs, but sense has to prevail. Ash is quite food dominant and also likes to argy/bargy when coming in/out of her kennel, so life is just easier for all involved to have her at play with other dogs.

Ash is not all possessive of space or food with people, for the fact that Ash is kennelled alone, will probably mean we only have max two litters so that she can start her new adventure with her family be at around three to four years of age. When the time come to have pups with Ash, I think I may well use Captain for her first litter.