Our Re-Homed Dogs

From time to time we have some of our dogs (sometimes other people's) to re-home.
All of our dogs will have been here at the farm for some time, but for various reasons we decide that a different home is needed. 

If you are looking for an older dog and can offer a kind and loving pet home, then please get in touch.
All of our dogs are Kennel Club Registered, however all dogs must be spayed or neutered before leaving here to ensure that they are not misused in the future.
Please Note: These dogs are already re-homed.
The dogs that are still looking for good homes are in our Dogs & Pups Available page. 


The birth of Chillie's latest litter has prompted me to put together some words about him.

He's been living with us for 3 months now but it feels like he's been here years.

After the sudden unexpected death of my previous dog, I felt that I really wasn't ready for another dog.  Through their friendship and work at your kennels, my son and your daughter worked their magic on me by introducing me to your dogs and then I got to meet the gorgeous fluffball that is Chillie. 

He settled into domestic life fairly quickly. Getting up and down stairs was a challenge and he still sounds like a herd of elephants! He's extremely clean in the house and garden. For such a big dog he's so quiet, although now he's decided he's my guard dog extraordinaire, whoever comes to the door is in no doubt that there's tight security behind it.

He comes almost everywhere with us. Up hill, down dale and everywhere in between. He loves his days out exploring the countryside and is perfectly happy to go shopping, sit people watching and go to the pub. He's even been into our local playgroup to meet the children. As you know, we are always out on adventures and he just takes it all in his stride. As long as he's with us he's happy. 

The positive impact Chillie has made on our lives is immense, physically and mentally. He's a joy to have around and he's loved enormously. 

I know I've said it to you before, but thank you. You and your staff do a great job with these magnificent dogs and I'm extremely proud to have Chillie as part of our family.

Now for the hard part, choosing a few pictures from the hundreds I already have.


Above at GVW - Below at her New Home

Nearly 2 years since we adopted Ocean and the first thing to say is that we love her to bits. So does Zac, her unlikely cheeky and unique companion!

She is adorable, such a good girl at home and is definitely showing that typical protective GSD trait ... no intruders to worry about for us! 

Ocean's definitely learnt a lot about life since being with us ... treats are good, really good and they always happen after tea time when we all sit down to chill for the last part of the evening. Relaxing in a dog bed or near us on the floor is very lovely and it's really important to follow us around, especially when someone goes into another room: our not so little shadow. Home noises and gadgets have been a bit more tricky for Ocean to understand, but she's definitely getting braver and it's no surprise that hoovers, hairdryers and tools must be very strange after her early life.

As for walks, well, we never could have seen how completely passionate and excited they would be for her. She goes into overdrive the moment we touch walking clothes and is pretty good at pushing us up from a sit position to get going! She definitely likes to let other dogs know she's top dog, always making sure young and excitable dogs learn how to calm down, but once introduced, she's good as gold.

Typical GSD, Ocean loves water and had the best time on our recent holiday to Norfolk with lots of beach time every day. I've attached a few pictures of sea fun for you.

There's so much we could say but, in a nutshell, we adore her and are so grateful you entrusted her to us. Life with her is wonderful, rewarding and precious.

Here's a selection of photos of the beautiful girl enjoying life.

Issy (Isabella)

                                                             Issy has already been re-homed & is loving life

Hi Andrea

We just thought we would give you an update on how Issy is doing. The short version is, Great!

She has really settled in and is getting more and more confident with her new surroundings every day. She's eating well and loves long walks. We don't think we've ever met a German Shepherd who loves to run for fun as much as she does. Or one who loves to chase a ball as much.

Apart from that she is extremely chilled. At home she's quiet and no trouble at all. We let her out when we're ready for bed and she comes in quite happily and settles down in her bed. I think we only had to tell her twice that she wasn't allowed upstairs and she got it straight away.

She's happy wandering around and laying in the sun when we're gardening and doesn't try to 'help' with the digging as much as Hershey used to!

She's quite wary of strangers and new dogs but she's getting more and more confident every day and we aren't trying to push her, we're just letting her settle in. She's walking off the lead where it's safe to, away from roads and is doing great with that.

She also loves rolling in fox poo. I guess you can't have everything



December 2017 we were given the wonderful opportunity to rehome the beautiful Cheyenne.

Cheyenne has slotted in wonderfully with our family.  She is the most loving dog I have ever had the opportunity to own.  She is impeccably mannered and an absolute dream in every way.

She is fantastic to walk on a lead and her recall off lead is perfect.  She was a little timid to begin with but bonded with me instantly.  She was in great health and condition when rehomed with us and I would not hesitate to recommend glebe von wood in any capacity.  My only worry was that she would not be as happy with us as she clearly was whilst at glebe von wood.

Cheyenne really is perfect in every way and I cannot imagine my life without her.

Thank you so much Andrea I am eternally grateful. X x x x x x










Magic At GVW (Above) & At her New Home (Below)

Hi Mum.
Thought I better write you an e-mail and let you know how I am doing, well I have to tell you I have fallen on my feet here! I get to sleep in the bedroom with the boys on a very plush carpet, at first I was shy and sleep in the kitchen but I soon knew where I wanted to be.
We go out to play in the mornings for a good long run and I have my own ball trouble is Phil tells me to drop like the boys but I have not mastered that yet – I prefer to play tug of war with him.  I do drop it eventually so he can throw it again for me. I have not made one mess in the house because as you know I am a very clean girl. Zsar is becoming friends with me Zimba is a bit indifferent he is definitely Phil’s boy.
I spend a lot of time with my new Mum which I like she took me to my first training class on Monday I know how to wait in the car until she tells me I can get out but in class wait does not mean anything to me but I am sure I will get there, baby steps, I was brilliant on recall and sit and my heel work is not bad either. I have developed a taste for cheese and sausage but I will only eat it in the house with the boys at training this did not work.
There were lots of different dogs and people but Zsar came with me so I was not scared. I am definitely a Mum’s girl she cannot move and I am up with her following her around. Night times we all get to sit in the lounge with Mum she has tried to take lots of photo’s of me but when I see the camera I put my ears back instead of looking happy but she is sending you some anyway. I eat a healthy breakfast and dinner and clean my plate – I love the food.
I have had a bath and get brushed a lot to make me look pretty and Mum cut my nails I was so good and really enjoy it.  My life is very different but no more kennels for me, I have a large garden to run and play in as well as all my walks – oh I forgot to tell you they took me to the beach and even though it was cold I loved paddling in the sea, can’t wait until summer.
There is so much to do and see apart from balls I am not very good at playing with toys yet but give me another few months and I will show the boys how it is done. I do put them in their place occasionally.  too. It was lovely being a Mum and I love you dearly but thank you for giving me this life I am so happy. Will write again soon. Love MAGIC xxxxx













River at GVW (First 5) River at her new home (Last 1)

When we were considering taking a puppy from Glebe Von Wood we wanted to know how our young children would be around such large dogs before we committed. Andrea was kind enough to let us take one of her adult dogs for the day, this is when we first met River.
Instantly the children fell in love with her. From the outset she was well behaved, calm and playful. She responded to the kids impeccably, mindful of her size at all times.
We eventually went ahead with the pup and Storm (right in the picture)came to join the family. About a month later we heard that River was looking for a home, instantly if not quicker we offered  ours. River joined the family in February and fitted in from the start, she is best of pals with Storm, he even shares all of his toys!!! Her favourite game is to play fetch the ball with my 4 year old son, they are now inseparable. He has trained her to sit, shake and lie down, she's a true performer and loves the attention!
Thank you very much Andrea for entrusting us with River, she's a credit to her breed and to Glebe Von Wood.

Gav, Beej, Josh, Ethan and Storm.

River joined our family in October 2013 after her final litter at Glebe Von Wood. Instantly she fitted in. She became best buddies with our other German Shepherd, Storm and together they made themselves at home with us.

River especially enjoys being with our sons, she instantly took to our four year old, following him around the house and garden and sleeping in his room at night, they are inseparable!

River has such a great temperament, she loves nothing more than sitting with the family at night and going for walks with Storm and the kids in the day (especially to the pub!!).

River is ten this year and she still gives us all a run for our money, she manages to tire us all out before she has to slow down, she’s in tip top health!

Without a doubt, it is a pleasure to have River as a part of our family, she’s a kind and friendly dog that has never been any trouble to look after and has definitely made many happy memories for the kids as they grew up.


Spirit at GVW (First 3) Spirit at her new home (Last 1)

“My name is Spirit.  On August 20th 2013  I left Andrea, and my life on the farm to live with my new mum and dad who I have known since I was a pup.  I first met my mum when I was just a few weeks old; she came to Glebe-Von-Wood to help me with my manners in puppy class. 
After just two weeks in my new home I was joined by Izaak a Golden Retriever puppy who had just left his mum, he`s a grand little chap and we are getting on really well together, but occasionally I`ve had to put him in his place, however I am settled and very happy, we enjoy playing together, and riding in the car to lots of different places, every day is a new adventure.”
Thank you Andrea for our beautiful girl, she is admired wherever we go.


Siggy at GVW (First 3) Siggy at her new home (Last 3)

When we found out Siggy needed a new home we really wanted to try to see if she could fit in to our crazy life. We knew it would take a very special character to cope not only with going in to a home environment but to fit in to an established pack of 3 other dogs (even if one of them was her wonderful brother Koda) a very grumpy old cat and a very enthusiastic 10 year old boy-what could possibly go wrong ?!!!
Everyone thought we were crazy to even try but thanks to lots of wonderful help and encouragement from Andrea all the introductions went incredible well Siggy has proved to be a very chilled out girl and though she can be a little nervous of new people she is the most incredibly bright a affectionate dog you could wish to meet.
We have had Siggy a few weeks now and she has fitted in so well it feels like she has always been here. Yes there are one or two little things to work on and yes Andrea she does still think recall is a game but watch this space. So all in all a huge thank you for this wonderful new addition to our family. 


We first saw Morroc when we came to pick our other GSD, Oakley, back in October 2012. We both thought she was absolutely gorgeous, so when Andrea asked if anyone would be interested in rehoming her, we couldn’t resist.
Morroc has been with us for over a month now and she is well and truly part of the family. She was brilliant on our 3 hour journey back home but found it a little daunting going in the house. We had to take her for a little walk up the road before she would come into the house. She had a little smell around and then we took her out in the garden to check it out. Our other dogs, Kodiak 4 year old choc lab and Oakley, Morroc’s half brother were very excited but let her do her own thing.
It didn’t take Morroc long at all to settle down, I sat down on the sofa and she curled up on the floor next to me – this is one of her favourite places to relax now.
Morroc was a bit unsure of the stairs to begin with so Mark had to carry her up to bed and back down in the morning but she was a brave girl and attempted it all by herself the next day. Kodiak looks after Morroc and Oakley is her play buddy.
We went on a camping holiday in the Yorkshire Dales for 10 days in a tent and it didn’t bother Morroc at all, she took everything in her stride. As long as she was with us she was happy. She is not a big fan of small country roads though! We went on lots of lovely walks with sheep everywhere and she was very good, not bothering them at all. We did have to lift Morroc over a few stiles but she just lets you do what you need to. She is very loyal to us already and will not leave our side, she is brilliant off the lead by staying close and coming back straight away. She loves her bedtime biscuits and waits patiently for treats. She always follows me to the kitchen, sneakily hoping to get something (which she often does and I can’t resist her beautiful face).
We get so many comments when we are out and about at how beautiful and alert she is and most people have not seen a blue GSD before.
She is my little shadow and we cannot imagine being without her.
Thank you so much Andrea.


Marley at GVW (First 4) Marley with her new family (Last 2)

Marley, aged 4, is a GSD Bitch who came to live with us as a rehome from Glebe Von Wood. She has been with us nearly 4 weeks now and is loving family life. Marley is finding our family different to Glebe Von Wood in many ways, and she is getting used to visitors. She growls, but only because she is scared and if the people fuss Marley, she is fine with them.
Marley is great off the lead and she loves her walks in the woods. She is very nosey around the work-surface, sniffing here, there and everywhere at food and anything that we are doing. Marley will also come and sit with us in the front room if we are watching T.V.
As well as Marley getting used to living with us, we have had to get used to living with Marley. We have learnt to keep toys out of reach, because a couple of times at first she has picked soft toys up and carried them into another room.
We think Marley is definitely a successful rehome for Andrea at Glebe Von Wood and we absolutely love having her live with us.
From Lauren and Jessica Cleobury-Bradford.


Flint at GVW (First 3) Flint with his new family (Last 2)

Hello I’m Flint and I want to tell you about my move,

I have recently moved away from the farm and I’m now living with a family on the south coast. It’s very different from the farm, but I like it!

My new mum and dad are thrilled with how quickly I have settled in, I’ve been a very good boy, they say. I now live in a house in the city, I’ve adapted really well to this, the new smells and noises are great.

Now let me tell you, I struggled with stairs when I arrived and dad had to carry me up a few times, but everyone was kind and patient with me until I got used to them, now I’m up and down like a yoyo!!

I have a new best friend called Penny (she’s a hairy Basset) she is always with me and we play, eat and sleep together, I like her even when she tries to steal my dinner! I let her sometimes too! Penny has helped me settle and I look to her for most things.

I love walking and have done some great walks in the woods, fields, hills, streets and strangest of all a beach, I wasn’t keen on the stones to begin with but I like a paddle in the sea. I love playing fetch with my dad and I’m very quick, this makes dad happy as I always bring the ball back.

I am very good in the car and travelled 3 hours without a complaint or mess when travelling to my new home. I share the boot with my best friend Penny.

My new family all fuss me and cuddle me which I like very much as I love attention. My new extended family all think I’m great too and I visit them often. I’m a much loved boy!

I’m very good with other dogs but I’m a little wary of boisterous dogs I haven’t met.

Oh I forgot to mention in my new family I have two cats! These were very interesting to me on my first day, however I ignore them now like Penny does, that is until they move and then me and Penny chase them, He He!!!

My family only have nice things to say about me and say I have exceeded all their expectations.

Thank you Andrea for finding my new family for me, and they asked me to thank you too,

Lots of Woofs and Licks, Flint x

Tiger (Top) & Layla (Both Living In The Same Home)

Layla at GVW (First 5) Layla &her new family (Last 1)

Layla is a 5 year old GSD female. After delivering a parcel to Glebe Von Wood and speaking with Andrea, I was introduced to Layla, I knew the second I saw her that I wanted to take her home.
We had now had her for 8 weeks and she is perfect.
She settled in amazingly & is always clean in the house. She loves long walks around Sense Valley and a is always a joy when I get back from work, she turns back into a pup for her tummy rub.
She is brilliant with people and once she has been with other dogs for a few minutes shes great, it just takes a few minutes to suss them  out.
Andrea was amazing through the bonding time that we had with Layla before we eventually brought her home for good. It's great to know is a phone call away. We have been to visit Andrea with Layla several times.
As promised we have had Layla spayed.
Thank you so much.

We have had Tiger apart of the family for a while now.

He is a big softie and a clumsy dog, also a bit dramatic!!!!

He is such a joy to have in our lives.

We also have Layla as part of the family, also from GVW.

Tiger and Layla are very much stuck at the side of each other though I'm more sure it's Tiger who is Layla's shadow. 


Autumn at GVW (First 3) Autumn at her new home (Last 2)

Hello! I have lived in my new home for seven months now and I love it here. At first I was very quiet but soon became the chattiest member of the family. I quickly became best friends with Norton and Harley who also lived at Glebe Von Wood for a while; they now live at Nana’s house up the road. Although I love walking over the fields and parks with a ball, my favourite walks are with Norton. I am sometimes a little unsure about other people but love to have cuddles with my friends and family. Off to play now. Lots of woofs. Autumn xx

Seeing Autumn at Glebe Von Wood was love at first sight. Since coming she came to live with us she has become the light of our lives. We walk almost every day with Lamby (her lamb toy) and a ball (which tend to last about 2 walks). She makes me smile everyday. When I arrive home from work we have our “mummy cuddles” then she tells me all about her day and what’s been going on in and around the house. She then turns into my favourite shadow while I do the chores until we sit down for Emmerdale and some more cuddles. You might think me mad but she is so very clever and can count! When we here the town hall bells Autumn knows we have to wait for 5 bells for dinner and 7 bells for Emmerdale, our very own genius J All in all Autumn is clever, funny, loving and a little nuts and we love her! Tammy x


                                                 When Andrea offered Tarka to me I  just had to have her.
 I had recently bought Pixie from Andrea, so having her half-sister was so right.
Tarka is loyal, sweet-natured, gentle and very loving.  I can't stop cuddling her!  She's fitted into our 'pack' of 5 dogs perfectly.
Pixie is only 2 months older than Tarka and Cerys, my border collie, is the same age.  (I must be crazy to take on 3 pups!)  They play together, exercise together, eat together and sleep together (eventually!) 
I am so proud of Tarka - she's beautiful. 


Weller came to us and joined his son Oliver and our ever loyal spaniel moss. From the second he came it was clear there was a father and son bond along with a true friendship with moss.

Settled in immediately and a part off the family . Everyone loves him and he's brilliant with all the dogs, people and little furry ones .it's like he's always been here .
Thanks so much for this beautiful boy xx

Claire and Paul


Sky has settled in really quickly. She's an absolute sweetheart and so chilled out. We haven't had to 'dog proof' the house at all - all our possessions remain intact & she hasn't even thought about getting on the sofa - so well behaved!
Her favourite activity is playing ball on the park, we also love walking off lead through the countryside. When there's nothing going on she's happy to relax on the dining room floor, but if you make a move she's right there next to you to see what's going on!

New Ruby

New Ruby arrived with our family last Monday.

She settled in very quickly and its as if we've had her for years!

She is great on and off the lead and gets constant compliments by everyone we meet.She absolutely loves fuss and would happily let us stroke and tickle her all day!....

Massive thanks to Andrea and her team for the obvious love they have given her and for allowing her to be part of our family!


Although Pixie has only been with us for a week, she is very much part of the family.

The other dogs - 2 male GSDs and my border collie girl absolutely adore her.  Pixie is a very sociable, happy and well-balanced youngster with an inquisitive nature and a desire to please.  Already very obedient, she is quick to learn and is enjoying all her new experiences.  Pixie is beautiful, both in looks and nature and I'm very proud of her.
Thanks again for Pixie, I adore her!


 Charlie has settled in a dream. You would think that he had been here all his life. We have nicknamed him Sir Charles as he is too posh to spend his days outdoors or in the kitchen with the others and has firmly ensconced himself in the day room with our head of pack, Katrina.   Having him here has cheered Katrina back up again as she missed Jethro so much and had become very lethargic and withdrawn. He also suits his 'magic charm' name as all my girls have started to come in to season!!
To sum Charlie up I would say he is a most loving, gentle, laid-back boy and an absolute pleasure to have with us.


DeeDee went to her new home on December 27th, here's an update from her new family.

 Dee Dee has settled in superbly well with us in just a short space of time. We have got her walking on the lead very nicely now after a few good training sessions. She is very responsive and a pleasure to be out with!
Rosa and Dee Dee get out on the fields and have a great time running around like loons.
She is also very patient with Rosa who sometimes just won't leave her alone when she wants to doze.
It seams like she has been here for ages. One of the family now.


We were recommended by another dog breeder to contact Andrea at Glebe Von Wood due to her excellent reputation as a German Shepherd breeder. We initially approached Andrea to buy a puppy but in doing so we saw the most beautiful one year old white German Shepherd called Lilly who Andrea was re-homing. We simply fell in love with Lilly and she has since become our beautiful loving companion.  We have had Lilly for 7 months now and she is the most adorable, loving dog that we could of wished for. Every now and again, older dogs come available at Glebe Von Wood and I would strongly recommend that you consider having one as your companion. We are so incredibly happy with Lilly that we have decided to get her a brother or sister from Andrea later on this year.

White Ruby

Hi Everyone,
Its 9 months since I went to my new home, and I am very happy here. It was a bit different living indoors, but I made sure I was nice and clean, and I like it now, sitting watching TV with the family in the evening is my favorite. I have got them all walking and enjoying it – I never neglect my duty and exercise my people every day. I have enjoyed coming back to see you for meets and classes, and I soon learned to walk on my lead nicely.  I have other pets here, two cats and some guinea pigs and gerbils, and I get on well with them all. I am very careful to be gentle. My new family had not had dogs before, but they were so pleased with me that they decided to have another GSD, so before Christmas a crazy pup called Inca moved in with us. She is OK really, and I have enjoyed her company and looking after her.     Love from (White) Ruby XXX


It was love at first sight......... Echo was a year old when I met her at the farm and I have now had her for a year. She settled in immediately, making friends with neighboring dogs and 'Willy' the cat.

 She is very sociable and affectionate and we have become inseparable. She has traveled the country with me, staying in a caravan, B and B, Holiday cottages, even a Premier Inn! She has climbed Ben Nevis, the Cairngorms and walked the coastal paths of Cornwall.    
 She has also found her sea legs and has been on boats and ferries. A few months ago I decided to get her a  little brother from Andrea  who loves her as much as I do. He has already got his novice hiking badge!


Maple came to us by accident, we were awaiting a litter of pups when she became available, we were asked directly if we would consider re-homing her with us and to then only take one pup instead of the two we had requested.
Maple is a beautiful young lady, very loving, obedient, friendly, confident, and has reared Sapphire as her own, we feel very lucky to have her, she is so eager to please and loves playing ball and tummy rubs, she is also excellent around children, Maple does sometimes demand attention, (as if she doesn't get enough) she also loves the water.
She is very settled and we love her and sapphire dearly, we were so lucky to find Andrea, and would recommend to anyone.

Rhani & Navara

 Andrea has been kind enough to re-home two of her lovely girls with me in the past.  In May 2010 I collected Navara on behalf of my parents, but after a short car journey and an afternoon together I could not leave her and we have been together ever since.  Myself and Navara have a very special bond and she never leaves my side.  She is the most loving girl that you can imagine, such a great companion to all of my family (including my two boys and wife). 
 After a couple of months my parents had two girls from Rhani's second litter.  Andrea knew that I always wanted a second girl in my own family and kindly offered Rhani to me for rehoming.  Both myself and Andrea knew that Rhani would be the perfect match for Navara and I am so pleased to say that we could not have been more right.  Rhani is a beautiful girl with so much character and together they really bring out the best in each other. 
 They are very loving half sisters that always look out for each other.  They lie all over each other when resting and are constantly running side by side.  Rhani is the more outgoing of the two and one of the most beautiful sights is seeing her really running her two daughters.  Navara however is the more gentle girl who can always be found beneath my legs.
 I love both by girls so much.

(such a lovely gift - thanks Andrea)!!