Here is a section devoted to the other animals we have on the farm.

They are all well loved and mix well together with the breeding girls and studs.


Hope is Sooner's last daughter and so is very special to me. She has grown into a wonderful replica of her mother - but slimmer!

Hope is beautifully proportioned, very quick to learn, is sociable but always in control.

She loves, loves, loves the boomer ball and is a pure pleasure to have here.






D.O.B.                                08.09.2010.

Colour                               Blue &Tan

Coat                                   Long

Hip Score                           5/3

Dam                                   None of our dogs

Sire                                    None of our dogs

Inbreeding Coefficient     4%

Sierra has gone from a skinny little pup to a strong sturdy, fantastically coated female. Sierra is a dream in every respect. She is mellow, affectionate and gets on with every single one of my dogs perfectly.


D.O.B.                                 08.04.2006
Sire                                     Charlie
Dam                                    Star

A gorgeous, gorgeous boy. Intelligent, strong, alert, loyal, Bullet really has all of the things a GSD should have. He is not one of stud dogs, however he is an extremely important part of our pack. Bullet is my sons dog and my son couldn't have asked for a more loyal companion.


D.O.B.                                 1999
Colour                                Black & tan
Coat                                   Short
Hip Score                           N/A


Caesar is the leader of our pack. He has a certain presence that keeps all the other dogs in check. He is an excellent teacher to new pups as he has a gentle but firm nature. He is getting on in years and has been neutered so he is not used for breeding.


D.O.B.                                 18.01.2002.
Colour                                Black & Tan
Coat                                    Short
Hip Score                           N/A



Anya is an old girl that is loved by all the staff. She has given a number of beautiful puppies in the past and is with us as a pet and companion for Caesar. Unfortunately her age is starting to show so she mostly sleeps and only has one good sprint in her per walk.

Anya sadly passed away 16.09.11.  R.I.P. Anniee xxxx


D.O.B.                                 19.06.2004.
Colour                                Black
Coat                                    Long
Hip Score                           6/4
Mother To                          Rhani & Hope

Sooner gave birth 21.03.09. there were complications with the birth. Most importantly Sooner is recovering well and the 2 remaining puppies are thriving on all that milk. The female 'Hope' we will keep here, and the male 'Faelon' already has a new homed lined up. Sooner will not have any more litters.

Sooner, is an Alpha female who is extremely loyal and calm. She has a wonderful glossy coat, that has been passed down to her daughter Rhani. Sooner is very sociable both with dogs and people. She is out patrolling at night and knows that when the gates are closed her role changes, she is an excellent perimeter watcher! Sooner is 44kg


Filbert is the farm cat. He is the bravest animal in the world as he runs around the farm.

However I do not envy and dogs that crosses him. He is a loving member of the team who is always keen to be fussed.


D.O.B.                                 02.04.2006

Our black Jack Russell, mother to Polo and grandmother to Dotty is a constant companion to whoever is looking after her. A good little working dog that is spoilt!


D.O.B.                                 23.04.2009

Daughter of Blackberry, Mother to Dotty.

Polo is a very robust lovable little JR, who is a great companion to LC.


Dotty is Polo's daughter and blackberry's granddaughter.

Dotty is a very well trained and a well-socialized JR, she is always seen with Hope playing. 


My faithful horse Jude, who one day I will get time to ride. Jude is enjoyed by some of our staff who ride him and take care of him.