For Both Drop-off & Collections

Mon - Fri, between 7 - 7.30am & 5 - 5.30pm

Sat - Between 7 - 7.30am ONLY

Sun - Between 5 - 5.30pm ONLY

Bank Holidays falling on a Friday we are only open 5 - 5.30pm
If the Bank Holiday is a Monday we are only open Saturday 7-7.30am and then open again Monday 5-5.30pm, so not open on the Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend at all.
We offer Boarding Kennel & Day Crèche facilities based in Whitwick, Leicestershire.

We are also Breeders of Quality GSD's

Our secure & safe environment has enabled us to successfully accommodate many dogs of different breeds & temperaments.

Every animal is treated as one of the family & cared for by our trained staff & handlers.

Email: glebevonwood@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone: 01530 813145

Mobile: 07970 104756

Our Facilities Feature

  • 15 Acres of grazing land for your dog to enjoy     
  • Heated sleeping areas with external covered run
  • Indoor Astroturf area to enjoy in the wet weather
  • 4 Walks a day

Services we Offer

  • Long term boarding
  • Day Crèche
  • Re-Homing
  • Bath & grooming service for any sized dog
  • German Shepherd Breeding and re-homing
The Paddock

Our Additional Enclosed Run

Our Newly Resurfaced Menage

A 40m x 20m Enclosed Run

The Field

Our main field for dogs that like to stretch their legs


with some of her girls

A Wonderful Story!

Hi Andrea,

We don't know if this photo will be any good to you but it's one of our favorites!

When Kimberley was expecting we were a little concerned about how she would react to the new baby. Kim's parents who have never  owned a dog - and only see the media portrayals of big dogs - were always showing Kim articles of dogs attacking children. Us knowing Maya just wanted our first (furry) baby not to feel pushed out! 
Kim read an internet page by an 'American dog psychologist' how to get a dog used to the baby before it came. It said to start ignoring the dog before hand so it wouldn't blame the baby! What a load of tosh!

When we were in the hospital with Jess, Kim did get a little worried, as you know Maya is a bouncy dog, constantly full of energy and we did wonder if she jumped up whilst we were holding the baby she could hurt her without actually meaning to, which would of been our fault! 

When we got home Jessica was in the moses basket on the sofa, and we led Maya into the living-room to let her go and say 'hi' to Kim as she'd been in the hospital and have a sniff - she then crawled over to the moses basket and peered in to the baby, sniffing her so gently! She was like a different dog! 

Ever since Maya has thought of Jess as her own pup, constantly trying to 'clean her' and as Jess gets more mobile we have the problem of them swapping toys! 

As always we can't thank you enough for such a special, loving dog who just makes our lives that much more complete!