Solid K9 Behaviour

Canine behaviour is not about teaching the dog, it’s about educating humans to be able to communicate with our dogs in order for them and us to live a happy and balanced life together.

 Even small issues such as jumping up, excessive barking and pulling on the lead can cause disharmony in the relationship and can be a sign that your dog needs further leadership.  Every human has the ability to be the leader of their own pack.  We all have the natural instinct in us to be a leader, I am here to help you find it and put it into action.  Simply being the leader of your pack will allow you and your dog to live in perfect harmony, and will bring a sense of balance and wellbeing to you both.

My aim is to see a world where people and dogs can understand one and other and are able to live harmoniously. For me, their is nothing better than seeing the beautiful relationship a human and dog can share when they both instinctually know each others true needs.

‘There is no Knowledge behind instinct’ – Cesar Millan

I work with a non judgemental attitude, most dog owners; even with well trained dogs, will have experienced behavioural issues of some kind, including myself in the past. This does not make us bad owners; by making the choice to get help you show a significant commitment to being the best owner you can be. Since you are reading this you have already made the first step.

‘Alice has not only taught me easy handling techniques for my once lead reactive dog, but she has also helped to build my confidence when walking my German shepherd around other dogs.’- R.Eburne