Dogs & Pups Available

From time to time some owners need to re-home their pets, for many reasons.

We offer a service here at the farm, that enables your pet to stay with us on a special boarding rate, until such time as a new pet home is found with a suitable home.

In addition we look for good homes for our GSD females to go to at about 4/5 years old.

Please call me if you are interested in re-homing one of our dogs in the future.

The Dogs displayed on this page are available and ready for new homes.

We look forward to your call.

Kind regards,

Andrea Wood - 07970 104756


This is Jack. He is a 10 year old Border Collie/Beagle cross.

Jack started his life in a rescue centre, before coming to live with our family when he was 3 months old.3 years ago my wife and I separated, and Jack stayed with his mum with whom he always had a special bond. Sadly Jack's mum has recently passed away, and Jack has come to live with me again.

I love Jack very much, and have been happy to have him with me, but I am about to start a new job that will require me to be away from home a lot of the time. Unfortunately I will simply be unable to provide the care that Jack needs when I start my new role.

I do not wish for Jack to both start and end his life in a rescue centre, and I would love to find him a new home, where he will receive the love and attention that he deserves, as he is a very nice dog.

Like any healthy, happy dog Jack can be greedy but will wait patiently for titbits from your plate. He gets excited when visitors call but is easily calmed with fuss and a firm word. More than anything Jack enjoys human contact and company. He will sit for hours by your side being stroked, and will nudge your hand to tickle his ears if you stop! He will follow you around and be by your side walking at your heel.

The comfort that Jack derives from human contact has meant he sleeps on the floor in my bedroom so that he doesn't feel alone. Having said this, Jack can be left alone in the house for a few hours providing he has room to wander, rather than being shut in one room. When going out, I usually leave the TV or radio on for him.

All in all, Jack is a very obedient, happy dog. He will sit, lie down, and come to you when told firmly, but most of all, Jack will make a loving, loyal companion for somebody who has the time required, and the desire to give him a new home.

If you would like to meet Jack, with a view to possibly giving him a new home, please email me on [email protected]