Glebe Von Wood, Quality Breeders of German Shepherds

We breed from long & short coated, straight back, well natured, happy pets. 
We ensure that all of our dogs are Hip Scored, Elbow Scored and DM Tested, Sires are also checked for Haemophilia.
Our parents are quality GSDs that we urge you to come and meet - all of them. 
We do not over-breed and we pride ourselves in the social interaction our dogs enjoy.

All pups produced by ourselves will not be effected by the genetic form of Degenerative Myopothy. 

When we look at a pairing of parents, we ensure that the Inbreed Co-efficient is suitably low to increase the gene pool and minimise where possible health problems. To back this up we are now providing a DNA Profile for all of our parents, via by Animal Genetics. You may not receive the profile until sometime after you have taken your puppy as we have to ensure that the parents have had no contact with any other dogs for several hours and so this has to be after pups have left.
As you would expect, puppies leave here at 8 weeks old, with their 
1st Vaccination & Health Check 
Wormed from 3 weeks of age

Reared on quality Food, which will leave with your puppy to include 2 x 2kg Of Pero Duck & Sweet Potato Kibble and a 10 pack box of Tripe.
You will also take away with you all relevant paperwork to include, 
5 Generation Pedigree, 
Kennel Club Certificate, 
Sales Contract,
Health Check Sheet form our vets
Growth chart for the whole litter from 3 weeks of age 
Copy of Parents Health Results

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As of 11.02.17. our pups will be £950.00
Any pups where external studs have been used will be an additional £100.00
Any pups that are solid Blue or of Liver orientation will be priced separately.
We breed for health and temperament and not for colour. 

We are happy to keep pups longer than 8 weeks in addition to having them sent to various countries as long as we have met the future owners and that you in turn have met ourselves and your intended pups parents.

Any additional days after 9 weeks will be charged at £16.00 per 24hrs - the same as our boarding rate.

The Process of becoming an Owner of one of our pups.

The first place to start would be to take a look at our potential parents on the website.
Each of our dogs has a profile page detailing their health checks etc. They also have their own photo album page to take a look though.
You may or may not decide on a set of parents, you may just want a well-bred pup, that’s fine, just detail that on your form.
Ideally if you could e mail back to us the completed form in a Word format, then we can simply copy and paste it into our files.
If you are unable to do this, then the post is fine.
We log your form into a certain pairing depending on what you have asked for.
It’s nice for you to come to see the parents before the pups arrive and to see our set up, meet all the dogs, see how and where they live, their natures etc. These visits are always booked so that we have time for you and time is not taken away from the dogs. You will engage in the exercise of the big dogs on your visit – so come dressed for the occasion. 
We keep our facebook page up to date, so please keep checking on there for pictures of the pups arrivals.
I wait for 7 days after the pups are born before I contact everyone on the waiting list.
I work through the list in order of the date your form was completed, to try to be as fair as possible.
We can at this point allocate a puppy for you and arrange a viewing at about 3 weeks old.
At this point is when you be asked to place a £200.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your pup.
Payment can be made by both card or cash – Visa cards are charged at 2%
We can arrange for another visit around 6 weeks old before the pups leave for their new homes at 8 weeks.
I hope this has been helpful!

For anyone that is thinking of having, has had or has a GSD, then this book is a real must.

The German Shepherd Dog 'A Passion For Life'

by Kathleen Powell

available via

Please refer to the Kennel Club Website and look under Mate Select to find out more information regarding the Inbreeding Coefficient Score, Link below.

Any potential new owners who are looking for a puppy from a specific litter or colour or from a particular set of parents can complete the form below (supplied as a downloadable WORD file by following the link below) and we will be able to inform you when a puppy of your choice becomes available.

Thank you, Andrea.


Rouge & Ryder - Litter Due End Of April

Rouge is a striking long coat Isabella GSD with

Hips of 4/5 and Elbows of 0/1 with an

Inbreeding Coefficient of 0.4%,

DM clear n/n

Whose father, Vito was a long coat Blue & Tan and mother, Roma a short coat Silver Sable.

Ryder is a Sable deep coated GSD with

Hips of 5/6 and Elbows of 0/0 with an

Inbreeding Coefficient 1.1% and has been

Tested as Haemophilia Normal

DM clear n/n

Whose father, Weller was a long coat Cream Sable and mother, Skye long coated Grey Sable.

The Predicted Inbreeding Coefficient of this litter will be 1%

Breed Average 2.9%

Please refer to the Kennel Club Website and look under Mate Select to find out more information regarding the Inbreeding Coefficient Score.

Cheyenne & Stone - Litter Planned Spring 2018

Long & Short Coated pups.

Cheyenne is a Dark Sable long coated GSD, with hips of 7/8, elbows of 0/0,
DM tested n/n with an Inbreeding Coefficient 0.6%

Stone is a Dark Sable standard coated GSD. He has hips of 4/7, elbows of 0/0, DM tested DM/n and an Inbreeding Coefficient 0% and has been tested as Haemophilia Normal

The Predicted Inbreeding Coefficient of this litter will be 0.0%
Breed Average 2.9%

Please refer to the Kennel Club Website and look under Mate Select to find out more information regarding the Inbreeding Coefficient Score.

Plans For 2018 - No Dates Available

Rosie & Rangi